Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Standouts! Nails!

From left to right: Butter London Toff (a darker, dustier, browner version of rose pink), All Hail the Queen (opaque, holographic beige), and Tea with the Queen (on the pink side of tan, very neutral, but never boring, perfect work, or obviously, tea with the Queen), $14 each

OPI Off with her Red! from the Alice in Wonderland collection, unfortunately limited edition and no longer available, but this tomato-ey red will not be left off my list!

NARS Chinatown (opaque blood red), $17

Illamasqua throb (bright blood red), £13.50
 OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight (aubergine with a frosty twist)

What were your top varnishes of 2011? Any repurchases? I'm itching for some new hues to try on, lovelies! X


  1. nice colors.limcoln park at midnight is my sisters fav!

  2. These are great standouts!