Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Most Loved in 2011 - Brushes!

I certainly cannot go without mentioning brushes. I quickly grabbed a handful of faves and put them in a cup for my shabby video. In the end, I didn't end up mentioning them all. I do have quite a few I'm looking forward to trying in 2012, thanks mostly to some lovely YouTubers... You know who you are. Daisy :) Haha.

For now, I want to share some of my favourite and most affordable picks. Newly discovered in 2011 - Sigma and Real Techniques...both excellent, both amazing values.
 RT brushes come in sets. They come in tiny portfolios, which are ideal for travel and storing other brushes as well. They can be connected to others and folded over to hold your brushes upright while you work. The base of the brushes are also weighted and designed so that they can easily stand. These are synthetic brushes and I cannot say enough about the value and performance. My faves are the stippling, powder, and deluxe crease brushes.

I cannot go without mentioning Sigma brushes. While I am not as impressed with all of their brushes as I am with my faves, I find the quality overall to be mentionable and well worth the cost. I adore their blending brushes as well as my MAC and Sonia Kashuk ones. The truly outstanding brushes, however, at least for me, have been the SIGMAX and precision eye brushes. The high definition Sigmax face brushes are so densely packed and lush. To me, they give the most flawless foundation coverage I have found thus far and buff liquids and creams beautifully into the skin. Honestly, I use them for mineral foundations as well. To boot, these synthetic brushes are only 16USD! You can also buy them in face sets, eye sets, or a total set of both. The eye brushes are also phenomenal. In terms of applying a primer or cream shadow, I have come to find them holy grail! The shapes mimic the finger. Need I say more? They blend beautifully, and again, 14 dollars!! AMAZEBALLS!

MAC's 217 (22.50 USD) is still holy grail for me for blending! My favourite angled brush is Sonia Kashuk, available at Target in the US.

If you're interested in the Sigma brushes mentioned, I have a current coupon code (good until 29 Feb 2012) for 10% off: LOVE2012
I highly, highly recommend grabbing maybe one Sigmax face and one eye brush (ideal for applying cream shadows and primers). I also really like their eye blending brushes. 

What are your most reached for brushes?


  1. My most reached for brushes, are the ones I purchased two years ago, from Smashbox. I'm new to it all, but I love makeup and learning how to apply it, that I've been able to work well with those brushes. Thanks for all the great tips so far :-) vh702

  2. Hi there! I have only one set, and it is really bad one. Falling apart as I use it. Really in huge need of good eye brushes. Pity real techniques are not available here. That eye brushes set would be perfect.