Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quite frankly blogging!

Thank you to every one of you lovelies for welcoming me to YouTube and the tiny blip of the web I've reached. There are so many overwhelmingly lovely, kind people in this world, and I already feel so blessed to have interacted with a great few! I feel so blessed and overjoyed about continuing to fill my tiny spot on the web with my new friends!

You may have found my via YouTube, maybe even through my first series of giveaways, which I planned long before I learned I was quite challenged with lighting. My aim still remains on tutorials, etc., but I am happy to broaden myself to anything within my capabilities that is of interest to you. In regard to lighting, it seems I am researching different watts on soft box lights. When a person is as pale as I am, being washed out is not a possibility! If you or anyone you knows has any advice before I may my final order next month, please, please feel free to get in touch! It seems choosing the right camera and the right light boxes will be a delicate balance and an important choice for me.

Thank you again, everyone. I look forward to selecting the giveaway winners over the next few weeks and interacting more with all of you. You are all frankly amazing! 



  1. Its A Lovely Bloggie Hun

  2. I'm glad I found your channel on YouTube, can't wait till I start seeing more blogs and reviews from you. I'm also patiently waiting for your tutorials :-D wish you the best of luck with all your future plans <3 vh702

  3. hi there, I found your youtube channel first and had lots of fun watching your videos, I'm looking forward to seeing many blog posts from you

  4. Yay, I love it! So excited for you! xo

  5. I am looking forward to ur blog.