Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Early Thoughts on Julep Nail Varnishes

Hi again, lovelies! I'm still blogging :) My top products of 2011 are to follow later today,as well as the first giveaway winner from the YouTube series - woohoo ( It's not too late to enter Day 1's Giveaway, which closes at 11:59pm GMT tonight!). More on that later!

For now, I want to provide my promised thoughts on Julep. If you haven't had a look, see my disorganized, impromptu reactions to my Julep Maven un-boxing in my video! I have since received one more Julep box and am so far very pleased and not interested in cancelling my subscription. I do admit, however, that one of my favourite aspects of their service is the option to painlessly cancel or postpone your subscription.

Am I getting ahead of myself as usual? Yes. Julep is a nail boutique/salon in Seattle, WA in the United States. I learned about the program through the super fab Amber of GlamTrotter and decided to give it a go. Firstly, I love the fact that their polishes are free of carcinogens, something that I love about another fave polish - Butter London. Next, their colour selection is vast and boasts several hues not often seen in every other line. C'mon. Admit it. If you're like me, you have eight different shades of red, pink, and nude... It was time for variety for me. The program offered me a chance to try new products at a low cost. The varnishes alone run $14USD, but for a Julep Maven who joins the service, a guaranteed minimum of $40USD value in products is delivered monthly. Additionally, Julep has a handy dandy quiz that helps narrow down your style. In other words, it helps their team decide which colours and products would work best for you. Don't like the idea of getting a mystery box? Neither did I. Julep also send you an e-mail monthly. You get to preview your selection! Don't like it? No problem! They even allow you to request a "shelf pull" before the 15th of each month. It's as easy as that. If that garish yellow-green tone doesn't blow your skirt up, you get to login and select another box! I LOVE IT!

So all of this posh sounds expensive, right? Becoming a Julep Maven is actually 19.95 a month, and that is shipping/handling inclusive. You're guaranteed more value in product, so it's a win/win. It doesn't stop there! You can try Julep for only 5 DOLLARS! I received my first month for only 5 bucks, and that included shipping!

Give them a look: Julep Maven
Just try these coupon codes:

I will definitely keep you all up to date on any Julep deals I find and my opinions on colours. So far, I've warn Alfre, a duochrome greyish violet with a metallic/pearl finish. I have to say it's what really sold me. I would never have bought that polish, but I received endless compliments and wore my manicure for five days before I experienced chipping - amazing! I find the very thin consistency of the lacquer to be ideal for two thin coats of polish. Think thin a'la Chanel...but less chipping! I KNOW! I love it.

So, it was Helena for me last night, the polish I wanted from the start. I just noticed the colour itself reminds me of the Maybelline Falsies mascara bottle. Neat, huh? It's a daring fuschia and lends itself to different tonalities in different lights. Even with my shabby self-manicure, I'm loving my nails today! Helena is at the top of my Julep list so far.

  If you are loving Julep already, please share your favourite picks! Also, if you signup, please share your stories!! I can't wait to see who else is as pleased as I am!


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